Saturday, July 5, 2008

Learn to speak Japanese for real communication

Using a completely unique system (that makes communicating in Japanese easy) for 30 days or less you can
  • speak Japanese naturally
  • get your point across in Japanese
  • immediately communicate in Japanese and be understood
  • get the pronunciation under control
  • refresh your Japanese if you've learned it before
  • change the way you travel
  • change the way you relate to people
  • order meals, reserve hotels and ask questions in Japanese
  • get through the Traps that Stop Most People from Finally Speaking Japanese
  • learn immediately usable Japanese by focusing on flowing along with the conversation (instead of grammar rules)
  • effectively speak Japanese that you can use in the real world
  • take full advantage of Shortcuts to Japanese via NIHONGO Japanese Package which includes:
    • Japanese Textbook with 10 Japanese lessons 10 Kanji Flash card lessons
    • 10 Japanese Audio Lessons in MP3 format that you can listen to with your Ipod anywhere, anytime
    • 2 Different Types of Japanese Video Lessons: 10 Japanese phrase video lessons and 10 Kanji video lessons - these can also be watched on your iPod
    • 8 different Japanese Grammar Newsletters with 2 different Japanese teacher's Interactive Video lessons along with the Japanese textbooks for 30 days
    • and more
  • have the whole Japanese Learning materials including Japanese grammar newsletters in Just a Few Minutes!


Traditional Japanese garden in autumn


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