Tuesday, July 1, 2008

(R.I.P) Bye-Bye HM 2.0...

When the clock strikes midnight tonight,
Monday June 30th, the end of the biggest,
most successful product launch ever for
Dr. Joe Vitale will sadly come to an end.

Take one last look before July 1st:
Hypnotic Marketing 2.0

At midnight tonight, the price rises from
just $27 all the way up to $97, as we
begin price testing exactly what a product
of this magnitude can sell for.

You'll also see ALL of the bonuses
listed on the page disappear. And all
of the bonuses we announced via
email over the last few weeks will also
be removed. Things like:

- The Hypnotic Blogging course

- Emotional Selling Tools ebook

- Hypnotic Traffic Secrets ebook

- The Marketing Secret Behind The
Secret movie

- The Beyond Manifestation ebook

- The Hypnotic Marketing Swipe Files

There are more than 15 bonuses listed
on the Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 website.

Not to mention the BIG SECRET unannounced
bonus that we disclosed the other day
that when people order, we also mail out
a physical copy of Hypnotic Marketing 2.0
to them, plus a CD interview with Miss W!
(There are only 23 of them left by the way)

This entire package is worth more
than $1,232.26. And Dr. Vitale has been
letting everything go during launch
for just $27!

But TODAY... right now... it's your last

Hypnotic Marketing 2.0

Tomorrow, the price will more than triple
up to $97, as we begin price testing,
plus ALL of the bonuses will be removed.

**** THINK ABOUT IT ****

If using just a few of the techniques that
you'll learn in Hypnotic Marketing 2.0
doesn't fill your gas tank SEVERAL times
over the next couple of weeks, Dr. Vitale
backs Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 by a 100%
no-questions-asked $ back guarantee.

$27 is such a small risk compared to
not learning the brand new social media
marketing techniques that Miss W.
discloses to Joe.

What? You don't know who the biggest
underground social media marketing
expert on the planet is? Read her
story here:

Hypnotic Marketing 2.0

Remember, at midnight tonight Monday
June 30th... Hypnotic Marketing 2.0
launch extravaganza promotion comes to
an end. This is your final chance to
learn how to take your business to the
next level.


Hypnotic Marketing 2.0

By the way... We've heard from many customers
who are seeing results within just 24
hours after reviewing Hypnotic Marketing
2.0! See their videos here:

Hypnotic Videos


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